Thursday, 28 June 2018

Matilda the Musical

 I have been itching to write this post for a while, but I have been busy with uni work. On the 10th March 2018, I went to see my favorite childhood book and film on stage with a couple of close friends. I began listening to the soundtrack a couple of weeks beforehand for two reasons really, one because I was so excited and two it was a great way to keep me motivated with all of the work I had to do.  I even started a countdown with my friends five days before it began.

We made an evening of it by meeting up and going for dinner beforehand, like actual grown ups.(despite what we were seeing and the fact that we are) The performance was incredible and we all throughly enjoyed, I'm also not ashamed to admit buying a Matilda the Musical t-shirt as well as a programme once the performance had finished. I had to get something to as a reminder of the performance, in all honesty if I had not of had to return to uni, I would have happily paid and gone again.

'Wicked' ✓
'Matilda the Musical' ✓
Next up 'The Lion King'


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  1. Ah I love Matilda! I haven't been to a musical in forever though, it looks like so much fun! Enjoy the Lion King! X


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