Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Snow days

We've pretty much come to a standstill due to the snow.  It all started on Tuesday evening when my tutors decided it was best to cancel the guest speaker planned for the next day before going insane early Wednesday afternoon when they began cancelling trains thus forcing me to cancel the photoshoot I had been looking forward to. Due to Wednesday being so bad my tutors were forced to cancel the alumni day that had been planned for Thursday leaving me thoroughly disappointed and with nothing to really do. 

One thing I knew for sure,  I couldn't spend another day cooped up indoors so I decided to get up and go to the gym, before taking a walk around the park listening to the 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone' soundtrack on Spotify and capturing the snow with my Instax Mini 8.   I wasn't out for long due to it being so cold but I had a wonderful time. The evening saw my housemates and I ordering pizza after learning that the University had officially been closed due to the bad weather and not enough staff being able to make it in. We were very lucky that Dominoes was still delivering in our area. I spent the evening working on March bullet journal munching on pizza and watching 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone' because whilst snow may remind some people of snow it reminds me of Harry Potter. 

Considering the snow decided to stick around for the weekend  I spent my time watching films, planning blog posts and redesigning my Cv. 


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