Saturday, 30 December 2017

Things I plan to do over the Christmas break | Blogmas Day 19

Having three weeks from off from University gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and get on with few things I've been wanting but haven't had the time to do. 

1. Finish my dissertation

It's due just as I go back and I only have around 500 words left to write. 

2. Watch 'It's a wonderful life'

It's a classic film that I've never seen but it is something I plan on rectifying. 

3. Backup all of my work onto my hard drive 

I really need to do this, one because it's something we should all do and two because my computer is nearly full.

4. Update my CV

I plan on applying for graduate jobs after christmas but in order to this I need to make sure my cv is update and the best it can be.

5. Catch up with old friends 

Something I always look forward to doing and have already began doing, just because me and another friend from the group are both returning to University near the beginning of January so it was easier to meet before Christmas just incase there wasn't time afterwards.


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