Thursday, 14 December 2017

Musicals That Are Keeping Me Motivated In the Run Up to Deadlines| Blogmas Day 14

I spent 7 hours in the library this afternoon and was in desperate need of upbeat music to keep me motivated. I cannot write essays listening to songs with lyrics but the work I was doing to today was  my own work meaning I could listen to songs with lyrics. Hooray! I started off listening to 'From Now On' from The Greatest Showman soundtrack as it has been keeping me motivated these past few days, however I thought it would drive me crazy if I listened to it for seven hours straight so I decided to play some musicals. I thought I would share with you the musicals I've been listening to today and in the order I listened to them:

1. Fame (More Music from the Motion Picture) from the 2009 film

2. Annie - The film soundtrack though from the 2014 film I loved the film. 

3. Oliver (1994 London Palladium Cast Recording)

4. Wicked! Reminding me of my 21st Birthday 

5. Beautiful - The Carole King Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

I also listened to Album Radios which is where Spotify generates a Playlist with songs based of the album you were previously listening. Another short post on the bright side my deadline is tomorrow!  


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