Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Approaching Deadlines and feeling unwell | Blogmas Day 13

Blogmas day 10 was 5 Things To Do When You Feel Unwell and guess who is currently doing a couple of them now... yes me! I can feel myself coming down with a cold as I've had a sore throat and a headache all day but with my deadline on Friday and the fact that I'm currently doing work for a deadline after Christmas I don't have the time to wait it out, so my plan is to not stress about it and power through. I'll put on my most comfortable clothes, play all of my favourite songs whilst doing work in the library and make sure I have a hot drink with me. It will be fine I hope. 

In the meantime I plan on putting on a Christmas film whilst I sort myself out for tomorrow and aim to  be asleep before 2am. 

I'm sorry this such a short post today whilst my deadline is approaching and I'm preparing to go home for Christmas they might be a bit shorter than usual. To try and make up for it  I thought I would leave you with this video from Tom Fletcher's The Christmasaurus. 


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