Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Decorations Wishlist | Blogmas Day 7

Do you ever wonder around the shops or spend hours online making a mental note of all things you would buy when you have your own home, I've found I've been doing this more and more as I've gotten older, and to a certain extent I've had the opportunity to buy a few things when shopping for my university room to make it feel more like a home. 

1. Lit Pinecone Christmas Fairy Lights, £18 as they are 40% off,  The White Company

2. Jormaepourri Pine Cone and Orange Bag, Large, £15, John Lewis 

3. Light Up House Decoration, £4, Next 

4. Collection Luxe Chrome Neon Star, £75,  Next 

5. Capri Blue Stargazer ,£14 - £44 depending on the size, Anthropologie

6. Star Table Scatters - Set of 20 - Silver, now £9 as they are 40%,  The White Company 

7. 8M Gold Wrap Multi Pack, £6.50, Next 

There is a bit of a theme to the things I like I am currently loving anything with stars on at the moment so the star decorations are a must it's the same for fairy lights and candles extra lighting always makes your home feel cosy especially on a cold winter's night. I know the wrapping paper isn't really a decoration but I think it becomes one once you've wrapped friends' and family's presents and put them under the Christmas tree. 

What things would you put on your Christmas Decoration Wishlist? 


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