Saturday, 30 September 2017

My Next Wishlist

Next Street Style, dana sonia photography
An image from my Next Street Style shoot, to see more click here 
I thought I would share my Next wish list, due to Next's tall range it is a place I shop most often and whilst I am sometimes annoyed due to not every style I like being in the tall range. Next is a shop I am thankful for. If it was not for them sticking with their tall range and having a fairly large collection I do not know what I would do without it. 

Mood-board created using images taken from Next's website 

My clothing mood-baord above features clothes from the Tall range, some are within my price range for example the Charcoal Tunic Shirt whilst others aren't the Gillet, then there are some like the Mint Lace Skater dress that I might save up and treat myself too as it is always nice to have something like that for special occasions. 

Below is my home mood-board, I am obsessed with home items and eagerly anticipate the day I have my own place and have the opportunity to buy some of the beautiful things shown below. Realistically I don't think I could afford to buy everything but a girl can dream. Although, I love the dressing table so much that I might just have to take my time and save up and buy it, in the mean time I hope it doesn't a) sell out and b) get discontinued. 

Mood-board created using images taken from Next's website 

Do you have a wish list full of items from one of your favourite shops? 

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