Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday's Musings - My Goals for this week

             Beauty and the Beast 

Beauty and the Beast came out in cinemas on Friday, I am going to see it tommorow afternoon with a friend, it's a film I've been waiting impatiently for since they released the teaser trailer around this time last year.  I've already listened to the soundtrack as I do before I see most films I'm excited for, I'm also subscribed to violinist Lindsey Stirling on Youtube who released a cover medley of songs from the soundtrack.


I deleted my old blogging Instagram account and created a new one as I wanted to start a fresh, my plan is promote my blog posts on Twitter and Instagram as they are the two platforms I use the most.  The Instagram account at the bottom of my blog is my personal one and that will be staying there, however I will also have an account for my blog to promote my post and interact with bloggers.

I also intend to take some more photos for blog posts and to write up a few posts as well as to do some scheduling, on twitter, Instagram and on blogger.

What are your goals for this week?

Dana xx

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