Sunday, 7 February 2016

Tv Shows I'm currently watching on Netflix

 Pretty Little Liars: It's back! The second half of season 6 has just started and although I'm excited and ever so happy to have it back, so far I'm still a little unsure of what to think about it. I'm still waiting for answers for just about everything apart from who A is obviously. But for those of you who watch the show will know that it looks like there is a new storyline. 

One Tree Hill: I did not get into One Tree Hill till the ninth season, so I ended up watching the final season without watching any of the others. I loved it!! Sadly I could not find it from the beginning on until I got Netflix. I'm currently on season 6 and it's so addictive. 

Supernatural: I've been watching Supernatural for years long before it was popular, but sadly I fell behind during my A levels due to having too much work and not having sky. Once I did have sky and I managed to catch up, it stopped airing in the UK for a period and I fell behind again. Now that I have Netflix I am slowly catching up. 

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Gilmore Girls: I love Gilmore Girls, I used to watch it everyday after school and now that I've discovered it on Netflix it is just an excuse to watch it all over again. Also they are filming another series! I've been waiting for this for years!! 


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