Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Aspirations for 2016

A belated happy new year to you all,  I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas! I've been wondering what to post for this year and decided against new years resolutions as such but things I hope to achieve, some of which I have already started, they aren't going to be things that are overly complicated, just things that I want to do more of myself to make myself happier.  To help I plan on purchasing a Happiness planner which is something Dayna Marie spoke about on her blog the aim of the planner is to create more positivity in your life, check out her post here

First of all, I would like to build my photography portfolio, if you don't know I am a second year photography student at the University of Huddersfield. I'm in the middle of creating a Facebook page for my work, so I'll post a link on here once I've done that. Secondly I'd like to take more pictures, for me, not for a brief linked to my course but for my own pleasure, mainly to remind myself why I love photography because I feel as if last year I was starting to forget that. Thirdly I would like to devote more of my time to God, I've finally found a Church where I feel as if I belong and have made some amazing friends, and for that I couldn't be more thankful to Him. I feel much stronger in my faith. 

And finally I would like to organise my time more and create more routines in order the most of each day. So that I can get more exercise, I have a gym membership at uni and a Yoga mat at home because a friend told me about a Yoga channel on youtube. And so I can spend more time on here, sharing my life and work with you. 


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