Saturday, 8 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 2

Review a product, service or brand. 

Okay so this is going to be brief as I have been quite busy today, but I am determined to complete this challenge. 

*Sits there dancing to Mika when she should be typing* 

Simple products 

If you have sensitive skin like I do then Simple is the perfect brand for you, (it rhymes) I own their foaming cleanser, cleansing lotion and facial toner. I don't really use the facial toner or cleansing lotion that often as it does not really make much of difference, however I do use the foaming cleanser and I can say it is great, it doesn't dry out my skin nor is it too oily and best of all it doesn't give my skin an allergic reaction!

If you don't use Simple then I would advise you to give it ago, check out their link below 

I apologise for the randomness above, I'm in that sort of mood today. 
See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,
Dayna xxx


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