Tuesday, 18 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 11

Three Things I am Loving at the Moment

1. Rend Collective - they are a Christian worship band and are awesome, I had not really heard of them up until recently, but on Saturday I had the honour of going to see them live and I haven't stopped listening to their new album 'The Art of Celebration'  on Youtube since. Go and have listen!! 

2. Fringe - I'm hooked, I started season one years ago but never got round to watching the rest so I'm currently making the most of a Netflix account and catching up. 

3. You!  I checked my page views the other day and discovered I'd had forty in one day! That is the most I have ever had considering I do not post as often as I should. Thank You! 

See you tomorrow!
Lots of love,
Dayna xxx

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