Monday, 17 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 10

A Day in Life of Me!! 


Well usually on a Sunday I wake up around 9am to give me enough time to get ready for the 10am bus which takes me to town, from there I walk to Church. However  yesterday morning my alarm didn't go off and so I ended up waking up 10am evidently missing that bus, thankfully my church doesn't start till 11.15am so I am usually early. This gave me the opportunity to catch the 11am bus. Was I late? Yes, but on;y by 15 or  20 minutes. The funny thing was I had messaged a friend of mine earlier informing her I was going to be late and asking her to save me a seat, unbeknownst to me (due to the lack of signal at my accommodation) she had messaged me the exact same thing and so we were late together. After Church me and a few others decided to go to Wetherspoons for lunch, that was nice and pretty cheap as well (affordable prices for students! Yay!).

Unfortunately during the evening I was told some news that left me feeling upset and angry for the rest of the evening, so I ended up spending the rest of the evening and early hours of the morning watching back to back episodes of  Fringe on Netflix trying to distract myself.

I hope you all had a nice Sunday.
Lots of love,
Dayna xxx

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